Q. Do Fisher Houses need volunteers? 

Each Fisher House has a full-time, salaried manager.  Volunteer programs are at the discretion of the manager at each location.  You may request volunteer information by contacting the manager at your local Fisher House. 

Q.  Can I just stop by to visit a Fisher House?

While we love to showcase our beautiful home, it is best to arrange visits with the manager in order to ensure the privacy of the house guests.  Visits are typically scheduled during the week due to staffing.  Contact your local house manager to request a tour or visit.

Q. Is there a charge to stay at a Fisher House?

No. Families do not pay to stay at a Fisher House.  Fees at Army, Navy and Air Force Fisher Houses are underwritten by Fisher House Foundation.

Q. Where do I mail a contribution?

JB Andrews Fisher House, Inc.

P.O. Box

Clinton MD 20735

Q. Can I make a donation “in honor of” or “in memory of” an individual or organization?

Yes.  Please let us know when making your contribution so we may notify the individual or the loved ones of the individual being remembered.

Q.  Who pays for a Fisher House?  

Fisher House Foundation pays for the construction costs and for furnishing each house.  For more information on this you may contact Fisher House Foundation at (301)952-8560 or 

Q.  Are government funds used for the program?

There is unique legislation for the Fisher House program.  For building new houses, the Fisher House Foundation has received some Congressionally appropriated funds.  Once a house is gifted to the military it is supported by two sources of funds: (1) from the income generated by a congressionally approved trust fund maintained by each military service (referred to as nonappropriated funds); and (2) from voluntary donations from individuals and organizations. Included in this category is the annual Combined Federal Campaign.  Houses located at VA medical centers do receive support from tax dollars.

Q. How can we help over and above what the government pays?

The government pays only a portion of the costs.  We enjoy a “unique private – public partnership,” and in many instances, because the funds benefit a specific individual or family, laws and regulations prohibit expenditure of government funds but do permit the expenditure of privately donated funds.

Q.  Are donations tax deductible?

JB Andrews Fisher House, Inc is an independent non-profit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code, EIN 52-1890916.  For further information, please contact the IRS.

Q.  Do you accept in-kind donations?

Yes. Please call the mouse manager at (301)981-1243 for a list of current needs.

Q. Is my personal information kept private?

Yes. We never sell or trade names of donors, nor do we conduct telephone solicitations.  We will, however, retain your information in our data base so it is available for review by our auditors who ensure we are in compliance with all laws relating to nonprofit organizations.